One of LightAlive's strength is our creativity – a strength that can only be earned through experience.

We are able to help you to understand, decide and choose the right light for your space from the myriad maze of choice that is avalaible out there.
You will need a straight talking and trust-worthy lighting partner who will help you to decipher and decode the right CRI, CCT, HUE, GAMUT, SATURATION, PWM, DALI, 0-10, 1-10, Trailing Edge, Leading Edge, Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Lux, Gross Lumens, Nett or Delivered Lumens, Luminous Flux, Lumen Depreciation, THD, BIS, CE, UL.

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At LightAlive our goal is to provide you with the best lighting technology that enhances your experience, and we accomplish our goal by working with some of the world’s best loved brands.